The Women in Podcasting List was started by Marina Martinez on April 22, 2007. At the time, the podcasting world seemed overwhelmingly male, and the Chapman University senior felt a need to document women’s contributions to the community.

From the very first days, gender identity, not biological sex was the deciding factor that qualified podcasters for list inclusion. Every women-identified podcaster is welcome on womeninpodcasting.org.

This is not only a compendium of women in podcasting, it is also a historical document. You will find both active and inactive shows, and we are constantly looking for new shows to add, whether they are still producing or not. Even shows who’s original webpages are no longer in existence are list material, in fact these shows are especially list material. Due to the historical nature of this document, we want to be able to preserve the memory of every female podcaster.

A word on the inactive shows: In order to make searches more user friendly, all inactive shows are listed in the Inactive category, and nowhere else. Shows that have not produced for over a year, or shows who’s websites have been taken down are considered inactive.

If you have a show to add to the list, or you have comments or corrections to the list, please email marina [at] marinaforhire [dot] com. All media inquiries can be directed to this email address as well.