Drink ‘Til We’re Funny

We’re a group of friends (2 gay guys and 1 straight girl) who met in college and managed to remain friends with the help of humorous outlooks on just about anything.

DWO WhoCast

Dave, Elizabeth, Thomas, Michelle, and Dean have a variety weekly discussions all about Doctor Who

Ebb and Flow

An hour long program that hosted once a week by Rebekah Ann Curtis that features music from women fronted bands, artists, interviews, etc. Ebb and Flow airs every Monday night on NWCZradio at 7pm PST, and then is available on a rss feed for listening to at leisure.

“This is something that I feel is important, to give women a voice with their music, especially music that isn’t heard on terrestrial radio, but is still excellent”

Emergency Pants

Shane and Bridget met as teenagers in Omaha, Nebraska. United through a love of Mystery Science Theater 3000 specifically and all things hilarious in general, they have been friends ever since.


At the crossroads of feminism and geekery.

Feminerd is a podcast that covers everything relating to feminism in nerd culture.
Host: Katie Tregs and Jessica

Food Psych

Food Psych is a podcast exploring the intersection of food and psychology. Each episode we talk with guests—chefs, comedians, writers, actors, psychologists, entrepreneurs, and other interesting people—about their relationships to food, weird eating habits, and fond food memories. We also examine the latest science about how food choices affect the brain and vice versa, offering some nutrition tips along the way.

Food Psych is produced and hosted by Christy Harrison, MPH, a nutritionist and food journalist in Brooklyn, New York. Christy has worked as an editor for food magazines and cookbooks including Gourmet and Modernist Cuisine, and as a nutrition consultant for the New York City Department of Health, where she helped improve the food choices in hospitals, homeless shelters, and other public settings. She grew up in and around Oakland, CA, where she discovered at a young age that sugary treats make sadness go away and families never fight at restaurants.

Galactic Suburbia

Alisa, Alex and Tansy (a publisher, a book reviewer and an author) discuss science fiction and fantasy publishing, feminism and books.

Gay Pimpin’ with Jonny McGovern

The Gay Pimpin’ podcast is like an Internet radio show, except that you’re in control of when you listen to it. If you have a portable MP3 player, the show can go anywhere you do. The podcast is usually about two hours long, the audio file is about 100 megabytes, and every bit is worth it!

Every week, Jonny McGovern – pop superstar, TV personality, and nightlife legend – brings it to you Gay Pimp style! Coming to you from New York City, Jonny, Linda James and Straighty Martín keep you up to date with the glamour and hijinxs of NYC’s nightlife scene. We’ve also got down and dirty gossip with our LA correspondent, Michael Serrato, interviews with celebrity friends, exclusive dance music premieres, and “What Sophia Lamar Hates” every week.


GeminiDragon is an audio/video podcast created by married couple Shawn and Jen Thorpe.